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Muscle Site Enhancement Oil FAQs

The goal of Painless Pumps West is to give athletes and bodybuilders painless, safe, and effective solutions to enhance desired muscle groups — creating a natural-looking symmetry and smooth muscles.
To achieve this, Painless Pumps West is developing the next generation of muscle site enhancement oils. But it’s often hard to find good information on muscle site enhancement oils, so here Painless Pumps West will provide you with some information about site enhancement oils how our products can fit into your workout routine, and help you achieve your muscular and bodybuilding goals.

A Site Enhancement Oil (SEO) is a solution designed to stimulate muscle growth by adding a combination of solutions and oils to a specific muscle group. They are intended to stimulate muscle growth by stretching the thick and tight tissue encasing a specific group of muscles, called the fascia. When that tissue is stretched and the muscle metabolizes the oils, it “volumizes” the muscle group, creating space for targeted muscles to grow into during your next workout. Volumizing a muscle can cause a much fuller muscle “belly” and a much rounder shape to the muscle in general.

If you’re new to bodybuilding, it shouldn’t be a surprise if you haven’t heard of muscle site enhancement oils. Although they have been around for nearly 30 years (or perhaps even longer), SEOs get a bad wrap. Throughout the history of SEOs, the oils and other substances have often included unhealthy, unregulated, and untested substances, and they have been abused as well, especially in bodybuilding. (Check out our blog on bodybuilders who have or might use site enhancement oils.)

What’s the difference between Site Enhancement Oil and Synthol? As we explain in an SEO 101 blog, many people in the bodybuilding community might use “synthol” and “site enhancement oil” interchangeably. To be more accurate though, synthol is a type of SEO developed in the 1980s that contains a particular set of oils and substances (typically 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine, and 7.5% alcohol). There are also other types of SEOs, such as water-based SEOs, dermal fillers (a more invasive SEO), and then a variety of new SEOs with different solutions.

Before getting into Painless Pumps West next generation SEO solutions and how they differ from traditional SEOs, let’s introduce Painless Pumps West.
Founded by Thomas Miller, an avid athlete in the bodybuilding world, Painless Pumps West is a producer and distributor of next generation muscle site enhancement oils. Our mission is to provide great customer service, advice, and products that are painless, safe, and effective for those looking to build muscle.

With the ability to gain one inch per day in muscle growth, Painless Pumps West products, Generation II and Generation III, are perfect for achieving muscle symmetry as they gently stretch fascia tissue and force your body to use deep muscle fiber while working out without dangerous over-training. As the product dissipates into the muscle group, you grow into the space you have created, creating firm and natural-looking muscles without lumps or uneven appearance.

The Generation II and Generation III Painless Pumps do not contain lidocaine, nor is it needed. Our product lubricates joints, lowers cholesterol, and improves your endocrine system. Sulfated polysaccharides improve immunity while glycoproteins promote protein synthesis.

Our USP-grade material is manufactured and tested in 100% sterile laboratories that are COA verified for quality control, which means you will never experience redness, inflammation, or infection from our products. (Please note: You may experience different results. If you have questions, contact us today!)

Features & Advantages of Painless Pumps West Generation II & III

The Painless Pumps West Promise: Not only do we promise same-day shipping in discreet packaging, as well as a dedicated staff providing professional customer service and advice, but we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, or your money back. 
Painless Pumps West uses an identical, synthetic copy of your body’s oils that lubricate and protect your cartilage and joints. Because our formula mimics your natural oils, it will not be rejected from the body. Our product does not contain any added substances, such as lidocaine, to relieve pain because the process is pain-free. We do not use any illegal substances, and, unlike some other products, our products do not cause pain, scarring, or redness, and they do not require any surgical treatment or anesthesia. Results are not permanent, so your look will form depending on your workout routine.

Benefits & Features of Painless Pumps West Muscle Site Enhancement Oils:


  • Can grow up to one inch per dayPainless, affordable, and effective muscle growth
  • Glycoproteins help repair fascia tissue
  • Sulfated polysaccharides aid in protein synthesis
  • Oil base lubricates joints, lowers cholesterol, and improves endocrine system
  • USP-grade material and COA verified for quality control
  • Same-day shipping and discreet packaging with money-back guarantee
The key to building muscle with Painless Pumps West SEO products is to understand how your body reacts to training and then identifying which muscle groups you want to grow and improve.

For example, if you are working out your biceps, the soreness you feel will be at the top of the muscle while the soreness you might feel over the next day or two will be in the middle of the muscle. The bottom layer of the muscle might not feel sore because it’s not getting worked out and not growing, which is because the deep fascia tissue — a layer of thick, tight tissue separating the muscles in your bicep — is preventing it from doing so. Thus, the SEO gets to that tissue and stretches it out. The glycoproteins act as a healing catalyst, which means that you are essentially tearing small microfibers when using SEOs and working out, and then the glycoproteins help by rapidly repairing the fascia tissue, which is why that bottom layer of muscle can now grow.

Knowing how this works and customizing your SEO use to your workout routine is critical to adding muscle in the proper, healthy way. The professionals at Painless Pumps West can help you figure that out too.

Still have questions about SEOs, Painless Pumps West, or PPW Next Gen SEOs?

Contact the professional staff at Painless Pumps West with any questions or concerns prior to or after your order. We're happy to help in any way we can.
With a 100% money-back guarantee, fast and discreet shipping, and assistance with proper protocols, Painless Pumps West is the best site enhancement oil company for building muscle symmetry. Shop online or contact us today!
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