Tips for Staying Motivated During Competition Prep

Participating in a bodybuilding competition can be extremely rewarding, but there’s no doubt about it — they’re challenging! From the discipline needed to stick to your workouts to the grueling weekends spent meal prepping, it can be difficult to stay motivated. Painless Pumps West is proud to provide competing bodybuilders with the extra boost that they need to focus on particular muscles. The additional boost that our muscle enhancement oil can provide is one of the many ways that we hope to keep competitive bodybuilders motivated. 

In today’s blog post, the team at Painless Pumps West is going to touch on a few things that you can do to stay motivated throughout your preparation. Whether it’s your first competition or you’ve gone through prep a few times, these tips are always great ways to maintain motivation. That being said, let’s dive in. 

Set Short-Term Goals

The prep process of all bodybuilding competitions requires time. While our body is capable of doing some incredible things, it takes months for it to respond to the various things that you are doing during the prep process. Given that it does take so much time to see some of the results of your prep, it can be easy to lose motivation along the way. One of the best ways to avoid that from happening is to set short-term goals that show you are in fact making process along the way. 

Change Up Training

As we just finished mentioning, the prep process is a long, grueling one. If you continue to do the same training, it’s not surprising that you find yourself bored with the process. When boredom kicks in, it can be extremely difficult to remain motivated. Whether you think this is a challenge you are likely to struggle with or you’re already feeling this way with your prep, changing up your training routine is something that you should do. That may mean changing up the hours of the day that you’re going to the gym or may even be something as simple as changing the type of cardio that you’re doing, these small changes can help keep you excited and on your toes with the process.

Find a Training Partner

Going through something as challenging as a bodybuilding competition on your own is extremely difficult. Aside from the many challenges that come with prep alone, there are moments where your motivation will be tested. The best way to ensure that these moments don’t get the best of you is by having a friend or training partner that you can turn to when your motivation gets low. Someone that challenges you to get up and go to the gym and holds you accountable with your meal plan. It is incredible how beneficial it can be to have someone to go through the competition process with. 

Make Time for Rest

Bodybuilding competitions will challenge you both mentally and physically, and you’re going to notice that. When you feel fatigued, recognize it, don’t force yourself to push through. Of course, there will be times where your motivation is the only thing holding you back, but you need to be able to recognize the difference between a lack of motivation and exhaustion. If you are tired and need some time to rest and recuperate — take it! If you wind up exhausted and drained, you’re not going to be able to maintain your motivation. In this time, passion and excitement for the competition can quickly turn to frustration. 

Take Advantage of Muscle Enhancement Oils

Plateaus happen, and they can be incredibly discouraging and lead to a lack of motivation to continue with the prep process. Rather than let a plateau be the end of your competition prep, turn to muscle enhancement oils that can help get you to the next level. Painless Pumps West provides bodybuilding competitors with high-quality muscle enhancement oils that allow you to focus on the muscle areas that you’ve been struggling with. 

Browse the variety of muscle enhancement oils that we have available online and find one that can help you remain motivated throughout the process. Feel free to reach out to our team with any additional questions that you may have and make sure to check out the additional topics that we have covered to help bodybuilding competitors do their absolute best. 

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