Meal Prepping Tips for Bodybuilders

When preparing for a bodybuilding competition, meal prep is one of the essential things that will need to be learned. The food that you’re providing your body with is not only going to fuel it for the intensive workouts that you’ll have to complete, but it will also contribute significantly to the results that you see at the end of your prepping. With that being said, the team at Painless Pumps West wants to make sure that you are fully prepared for the meal prep that lies ahead. That is why, in today’s blog post, we are going to cover a few tips that can help you throughout the process. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Designated Prepping Day

Meal prepping is an extremely successful method for sticking to a diet plan, but it does require some preparation and planning. One of the best things that you can do is designate a prepping day into your weekly schedule at the beginning of every week. Take a moment and look at what the rest of the week has in store for you and figure out which day you can create your meal prep schedule, which day you can go to the grocery store, and which day you’ll spend preparing the meals. By doing this, you can make sure that you stick to your meal plan in a way that interferes as little as possible with the rest of your schedule. 

Discover Staples

Throughout your prepping process, you will quickly discover that there are various items that can be incorporated in just about any meal. The sooner that you discover these staples, the easier grocery shopping and meal prepping will be. One staple item that we always suggest picking up at the store is chicken. Chicken breasts are a lean protein that offers endless opportunities in regards to recipes and the like. Aside from that, sweet potatoes, eggs, rice, and veggies provide you with so much more freedom than you realize. Even something as little as a switch of seasoning can completely change the meal, which will make all the difference in sticking to your meal plan. 

Invest in Tupperware

Preparing meals for a week at a time can save so much time on a daily basis, but it does require so much more storage. That is why, before you start your meal prepping, you’re going to want to invest in quality tupperware that you can use to store your meals. There are so many different options available that you can find a variety of storage options that work for a range of meals. Whether you opt for tupperware with different sections so that you have everything you need for lunch while at work, or you get bowls that have spill-proof lids for soups, you absolutely want to be have the tupperware that you need to store all of the meals you’ve worked so hard to prepare.

Figure Out Your Micros & Macros

In order for meal prepping to really serve a purpose in your prepping, you need to be aware of your micros and macros. Your micros and macros provide you with a thorough breakdown of your nutrition based on your weight and your physique goals. This information is going to be crucial as you determine what you need to include in your meal prep. This can be really overwhelming for someone who is going into their first competition. If you have a coach that is helping you prep for your show, make sure that you sit down and discuss how your micros and macros play a part in your goal. 

Browse Painless Pumps West

While we can’t help you with your meal prep, Painless Pumps West is proud to provide competing bodybuilders with high-quality muscle enhancement oil to take their physique to the next level. If you have a competition coming up, browse the variety of muscle enhancement oils that we have available online. If you’re interested in learning more about how you could benefit from these products, take a second to learn more about them and see just how beneficial they could be to your competition preparation process. Feel free to reach out to our team if there are any additional questions we could answer for you. 

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