Bodybuilding 101: The Painless Pumps Guide for Beginners

Bodybuilding is no joke—undying dedication, disciplined meal and workout schedules, and meticulous testing and learning as you find out the right bodybuilding routine unique to you. For young new-comers to the bodybuilding field, it can be intimidating at first, but there’s nothing more rewarding than working hard towards a goal, leveraging both physical and mental will-power. What’s more is that the experienced team behind Painless Pumps has your back!

In this post, we outline the basics to getting started in bodybuilding towards the goal of competing. If you are interested in learning what site enhancement oils (SEOs) are and the basic components and information, check out our other blog posts, or feel free to contact the Painless Pumps West team.

Getting Started Bodybuilding

First, it’s wise to consider getting a bodybuilding coach, especially if you are thinking about entering into the competitive bodybuilding arena. There are a lot of technicalities to creating a personalized diet, fitness, and muscle-building routines that, as we mention below, depend heavily on body type, genetics, and more. This guide is meant to be a general overview summarizing some basic points and providing some helpful resources. As you work towards your bodybuilding goals, you will customize and refine your own process. Also, consider consulting your physician, especially if you are not used to working out on a regular basis.

Know Your Body Type

Your body type—often influenced by both your genetics and environmental factors—has a large impact on both your dietary and workout routines. There are three main body types: ectomorph (thin and quick metabolism), mesomorph (athletic and generally quick to build weight), and endomorph (slightly-to-more overweight with slower metabolism). Knowing this from the start can save you a lot of time as there are plenty of resources with customized diets and routines for people who fall into one of these three buckets.

Bodybuilding Diets and Nutrition

Depending on your body type, you will want to customize your diet, but regardless you should be eating protein every day. A good start is also to learn what your body fat percentage is, and then start figuring out how many calories you should consume. In general, some people who tend to like a paleo diet, get calories from whole milk, peanut butter, and oats, consume lots of veggies and liquids, and, of course, find a good whey/protein powder. There are many resources for good bodybuilding diet plans, but in general you will want to make sure to eat often, stay hydrated, cut down on processed foods, and look for lean protein.

Building Strength and Muscle

Based on your body type, you will want to create a training routine. For example, a person with a thinner build with a quicker metabolism could work lower body and legs Tuesday and Thursday, and different upper body workouts Monday, Wednesday and Friday (chest, shoulders, back, arms and abs). It’s important to work two or three days of downtime into your schedule, as well as get good sleep (you need sleep to build muscle!). General upper body exercises are barbell bench press, bent over rows, tricep push downs, and push/pull ups. Lower body generally consists of squats, leg extensions, deadlifts, and crunches. On top of that, it’s important not to fit in some cardio throughout the week!

Consistency is Key

It’s important to note that once you figure out a good diet and workout routine—barring necessary tweaks as you go along— the most important thing to do is track your progress and stay consistent! This is SO important, and it’s also one of the hardest things to do. (You can also stay motivated by following Painless Pumps West on Instagram!)

Symmetry, Painless Pump, and Site Enhancement Oils

Lastly, symmetry is crucial for competition. Symmetry means that all muscle groups are developed and in proportion. It’s tough, but it’s critical for competition day. If there is a lagging muscle or group of muscles, which can happen for many different reasons, you can use the Painless Pump Generation III or II, site enhancement oils (SEOs), to promote muscle growth and perfect symmetry. A two-week loading phase, which can get you up to one inch per day, forces your body to use deep muscle fiber without dangerous over training. It’s important not to mix different types of site enhancement oils, sometimes referred to as synthol. Unlike many traditional SEOs, the Painless Pump does not contain lidocaine, hyaluronic acid, or cooking oil. To learn more about SEOs and what sets Painless Pump West apart from other products, read here.

Using SEOs in your workout routine helps by creating space for your muscles to grow. So if a muscle group is lagging, SEOs are great for getting the symmetry you need to compete. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Painless Pumps West website, and feel free to talk directly to our experienced staff today at (530) 514-5300.
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  • HI. I have ordered a few bottles of painless pumps and do not know how to use it. I am looking to use it for glute enhancement and I am looking for a protocol please

    Tamara Jankovich
  • HI. I have ordered a few bottles of painless pumps and do not know how to use it. I am looking to use it for glute enhancement and I am looking for a protocol please

    Tamara Jankovich
  • To go in the biceps , do I go in directly in the front, or should I go in from the side? Please advise. :-]

    Kevin Russell

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